Festival information

On  Saturday 28 October 2023, from 12.00 until 19.00 hrs you will be able to join, free of costs and without registration, Diwali Festival Amstelveen at Stadsplein Amstelveen. The festival is welcome to all where young and old can enjoy a festive programme. Sit back and experience all the festivities we have missed this year as we travel through the celebrations throughout India. Diwali is the festival of lights, celebrating good over bad, light over darkness.

Experience the diversity and beauty of India with your friends and family at the festival. Let your senses take over as you watch dazzling performances on stage and enjoy the taste from the corners of India. The beats of the drums and music can be heard echoing through the air and will take over you.

Start the journey of Indian arts with traditional and cultural performances as you slowly make your way through India exploring the folk dances from various regions.

So come and join us this year as well!


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